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Number Plates

We've built a web application that allows users personalise their names on favourite license plate number choosing names from different states in nigeria with several color option.

This has attracted users accross the globe who use the images as profile pictures and display pictures accross social media and as wallpapers on their mobile phones and tablets .

Visit to create your own license plate now.

Some of the features

  • Create custom plates for any state in Nigeria
  • Choose multiple text and plate color options
  • Create Plates with Flags of countries arround the world
  • Mobile app Available on the Google Play and Apple app Stores

Innovative and powerful loan clients manager, effective for finance companies


SMS Web Platform & Mobile apps

Cloud based text messaging platform for bulk SMS users, utilised daily accross the globe by individuals and businesses.


Interactive Publications

App on tablets and mobile devices Teaching children african values & morals with creative African stories through new & interactive media.

Helping churches manage, communicate and grow members effectively through the use of new media and technology.

Number Plates App

Number Plates App

Fun Web & Mobile application created to generate custom licence plates for its users in crerative ways.

Digital Art & Production

Digital Art & Production

We have a team that has researched and developed ways to produce intriguing digital arts as expressed in several works.