5 Reasons Why You Need a Website for Your Photography Business

28, Jun 2019

Do I need a website?

This is a question we as photographers surprisingly struggle with. Well, the simple answer is Yes!. For any photographer today, having a website is important especially in a place like nigeria where one of the first things people do when looking for photographers is check online to see what they have done or their location. .

Having a professional website will also differentiate you from the crowd as you get more visibility and credibility because it will have all the basic information a potential customer needs that helps them identify with you better even before getting in touch with you. Giving this information ahead will mean only serious and valued customers will contact you.

Here are reasons why you need a website

You Are In Charge And Control Of Your Business Online

Being on social media, especially one like instagram is great for your photography business but you will need more than that to actually get your service to that successful point of having good quality and well paying client who appreciate your work and give referrals. Having a professional website allows you determine how you present your work to potential customers. You have your own space to display your photographs unique to you and will not be subjected to various rules and restrictions of social platforms that determine what, how and when you post.

Gives your Studio / service that “Air of professionalism” PROMOTE YOUR BRAND AND IMAGE

Along with your social media accounts like facebook and instagram having a website increases your visibility online and ensures more people are aware of your service.

Having a website allows your business rank in search results better. For instance, if a potential client in your town is looking for a new baby photographer for a home service you have a better chance of being seen first with a simple search on google because you've taken the time to invest in putting up your website.

Inform And Make Clear What You Offer To Your Potential Clients

Your website is a great avenue to inform you clients first hand about the quality of your photography service as most of the answers to the basic questions and interest they have will be there establishing your business in their minds better as a first point of contact.

Do you feel worn out attending to the same questions all the time?

Having a website allows you to organize and have effective communication which saves you valuable time and prevents you from sending out the same answers continuously to potential clients.

Withstand The Competition 

Like you and I already know, the photography industry is already very competitive especially with every one holding a smartphone parading themselves as photographers , you need the right tools to help you stand out not only in the quality of your photographs, but also in the ways you relate with them .

Having a website that is easy to navigate, Quick to load and functional is very necessary to stand out.

Justify your service to price better to MAKE MORE MONEY

Social platforms like instagram and facebook are good, you will however realize most potential customers are quickly distracted by other things they see, taking them away to your beautiful and well laid out website will help cut out other distractions for the time being while you have a higher chance of showcasing more of your works to the client and even getting them to see your pricing and process which is one step closer to them making a booking.

Your website gives you the ability to court your customer’s attention more within your own space where the distraction is reduced. This gives you more room to easily showcase and promote more of your work such as your creative prowess as well as justify your pricing not necessarily because it’s cheaper, but because it’s better. Potential customers are more likely to require your services and make a purchase.

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